How to Find a Bed and Breakfast in Colorado Springs Area



Finding the perfect B&B can really enhance your Rocky Mountain vacation. Cozier and more luxurious than a boring old hotel, these little gems serve up history, great architecture, and gourmet food.

But How Do I Find a Romantic Bed and Breakfast in Colorado Springs?

The choices are in the dozens, and it’s all about location.

1.) Do you want to stay in the City?

Bed and breakfast places in or near Old Colorado City are a great start if you’re looking to stay in town. Especially if you favor Victorian homes, don’t miss Holden House 1902. This is an award winner and very popular. If you want to stay closer to downtown, St.Mary’s and Lennox House are excellent choices, as they are within walking distance to several museums and restaurants and are also highly lauded.

2.) Are you looking for Bed and Breakfast cabins in or close to the mountains?

If so, you should check surrounding areas and mountain towns like Manitou Springs, Cascade, and Woodland Park. With names like Rockledge Country Inn, Pikes Peak Paradise, and Adobe Inn, you’ll have plenty of mountain views with your eggs and coffee. And rumor has it that Onaldege is a haunted B&B if you like thrills with your romantic lodging, or perhaps your potential wedding guests like ghosts?

3.) What are the rates?

You won’t find many cheap bed and breakfasts, unfortunately, but the good news is you do get what you pay for: a gorgeous setting and amazing meals. Rates in and around Colorado Springs generally range from $125 – $275 per night.

4.) What about my pets?

Most Inns are not pet-friendly, perhaps due to the food service, but you may have luck with a vacation home or cabin rental.


Good luck finding your perfect getaway, and enjoy the Pikes Peak region!

Cabin and Vacation Rental Homes – Colorado Springs CO

Finding the right vacation rentals can make or break your travel plans to Colorado Springs. And with so many amazing things to do outdoors, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with lodging options for your time indoors.

What kind of vacation home do I need?

Cabin rentals. Cottages. Condos. So many choices! Start by considering your travel needs.

1.) Are you here to explore the Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak region?

If you’re visiting for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, or any other outdoor activity, we highly recommend cabin rentals.

They provide a more rustic feel, getting you close to pine trees and streams, and often times have a hot tub on-site or hot springs nearby, which are always welcome after a day playing in the Rockies. Also a great choice for a romantic getaway or quiet escape.

When you think of Colorado Springs cabin rentals, chances are you’re looking for something nestled right in the mountains, but close to the city. That means nearby mountain towns like Green Mountain Falls, Chipita Park, Woodland Park, and even Manitou Springs. These locations are in the foothills below Pikes Peak, putting you closer to hiking trails and ski resorts, but keeping you within 20 minutes of the big city.

2.) Are you in Colorado Springs to attend a special event?

If you’re here for weddings or family reunions or job events, a condo or vacation home is probably the best choice, as you will have more modern amenities and be much closer to the city itself. While cabins usually have electricity, flush toilets, and even cable TVs, they are often hidden away in more remote locations, which, while beautiful, can hinder your ability to travel quickly to the Springs. Weather can also be a factor when commuting, which changes suddenly and can slow traffic.

3.) Are you traveling with your pet?

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly rental, Colorado Springs is a terrific location. Did you know “the Springs” is one of the top dog-friendly cities in the country? We recommend a condo or vacation home in the city if you’re traveling with your dog or cat, as the mountains do pose a concern with predatory wildlife.

4.) What about the cost?

Costs vary widely, and can go as high or as luxurious as your wallet allows. If you’re on a budget, your best bet is to split a larger cabin rental with multiple parties. It’s common for families or friends to rent a cabin that sleeps 10-12 people and then share costs. This is a great way to get affordable lodging. And while it’s quite not as cozy, let’s face it, you’re probably going to be outside most of the time gazing at those beautiful mountain peaks.

5.) Where do I find cabin rentals in Colorado Springs?

A great place to start is the Colorado State Park website:

Other favorites for finding vacation homes are and But we’ve also had excellent luck using Ebay and craigslist—private home owners post some real gems there, often linking to their secure website for reservations.

Have fun discovering your perfect vacation home.

Where to Go Hiking in Colorado Springs

Hiking trails in Colorado Springs are everywhere. They vary from 14,000 foot mountain treks to sidewalk green trails through town. With an almost endless list of choices, you need to ask yourself…

Where do you want to go hiking?

1.)    Mountains

The best mountain hiking in Colorado Springs can be found—go figure—on the most famous mountain in all of the surrounding areas: Pikes Peak! The Barr Trail is over 12 miles long, begins in Manitou Springs, and winds its way all the way to the Summit House at 14,114 feet above sea level. If you like an extra challenge, you can begin this one by doing the Manitou Incline—an incredibly steep path made up of railroad ties for stairs. Then continue on to Barr Trail the rest of the way up. This is an extremely challenging trail, though, so hiking guides may be in order if you’re a newbie. And lots and lots of water.

The next best thing to being on an actual mountain are hiking the foothills, which have incredible scenic views and also offer a solid challenge with rockier paths, high altitudes, and switchbacks galore. The best trails for this kind of hiking include Section 16 and Seven Bridges on the southwest edge of the city, the Hondo trail up in Green Mountain Falls, and Waldo Canyon in Cascade Colorado. Waldo Canyon is unfortunately currently closed as of 2014 due to wildfire damage, but hopefully it will be open again soon!

2.)    Open Spaces

If you prefer a more leisurely stroll that doesn’t require a soak in hot springs immediately after, the open spaces around town are a great option. Red Rock Open Space on the west side has wonderful trails that are as relaxed as you want them to be. With plenty of monolithic rocks, trees and wide open fields to gaze at, as well as scenic views of the foothills and Pikes Peak always on the horizon.

Stratton Open Space offers similar perks, with a reservoir as a bonus if you like walking near water. Also very close to North Cheyenne Cañon Park, which is home to the Seven Falls waterfalls attraction and several other foothills trails.

3.)    Parks

If you’d prefer to stay within the city of Colorado Springs, the City Parks like Garden of the Gods, Palmer Park, and Ute Valley Park have endless miles of trails with varying degrees of length and effort. All within the city limits. And all with gorgeous scenery.

The best thing about all of these hiking trails, of course, is that they’re free! Check out our full Colorado Springs Hiking Guide for more in-depth reviews of these and many more trails.

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